Our Initiatives for “Governance”

Tokyo Tanshi is committed to building a transparent and objective governance structure for “compliance with laws and regulations” to sustain the trust of its customers, the financial market and society.
We continue our efforts to improve the social significance of the company and our group by management with integrity.

Examples of Corporate Governance Improvement Initiatives
  • ■ Establishment of “Basic Policies for Internal Control” and strengthening of the organizational structures of the Board of Directors, Management Committee and other committees
  • ■ Strengthening Group Governance (Establishment of “Affiliated Company Management Regulations”, establishment of a “Group Management Liaison Committee”, and dual roles of parent company directors and employees as directors of group companies)
  • ■ Setting up a “Compliance Committee”
  • ■ Implementation of “Group Compliance, Internal Management Liaison Meeting”
  • ■ Establishment of an internal compliance system based on the “Compliance Program”
Examples of Employee Initiatives
  • ■ Establishment of “Internal and External Compliance Consultation Office”
  • ■ Implementation of compliance training and qualification training of registered sales representatives for employees