JBond Totan Securities Co., Ltd.

Innovator in bond trading, operation of electronic trading platform

We have built an electronic trading platform with the goal of enhancing bond trading transparency, promoting efficiency, and facilitating smooth trade. We obtained approval for our proprietary trading system (PTS) in October 2002. Currently, our repo/gensaki trading system targeting JBGs is under operation. The original platform, designed and developed by understanding the needs of the market, is very popular for its usability.

Company Profile

JBond Totan Securities Co., Ltd.
April, 2000
Company name
JBond Totan Securities Co., Ltd.
Totan Muromachi Building 9F 4-4-10 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022 TEL 03-3548-9980 (main) FAX 03-3548-9985
440 million yen (The Tokyo Tanshi Co., Ltd. 100%)
Main line of Business
Providing an online trading system for bonds