The Totan Group, as a leading broker of YEN products, has been engaged in call money transactions, an original business from its foundation, and other traditional intermediation businesses such as repos, commercial paper and CD's.

Keeping pace with the diversification and enhancement of financial instruments, the group has also expanded its intermediation businesses to new areas such as foreign exchange, government and corporate bonds,interest rate swaps, equity derivatives and credit derivatives.

The Totan Group, composed of companies top-tiered in their own fields, strives to meet its customer’s needs leveraging its strength from business diversification to the fullest extent.

Totan ICAP Co., Ltd.

Ueda Totan Forex, Ltd.

Central Totan Securities Co., Ltd.

JBond Totan Securities Co., Ltd.

The Totan Research Co., Ltd.

Ark Totan Alternative Co., Ltd.

Totan Agency Co., Ltd.

Totan Business Information Consulting
(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.